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My Story

A lifelong learner with an interest in holistic therapies, I stumbled across Kinesiology through an informal Health Support group in the late nineties, and fell in love with its simple, yet so powerful, techniques. The interweaving of East and West in terms of Chinese medicine and western physiology were irresistible. Living in Malaysia, I was exposed to a wide variety of healthcare including Chinese medicine, acupuncture, pranic healing, Reiki, chiropractic and osteopathy practices, and homoeopathy. As I began to study and grow my own practice, learning Educational Kinesiology, then Touch For Health, my passion for enabling lay people to look after their own health and wellbeing, began to take shape. I developed a teaching and healing practice in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and then in Penang, while raising three children. 

Moving to New Zealand in 2012 I retrained as a Secondary school teacher in English and Drama, and taught for six years infusing my mainstream classrooms with holistic movement-based de-stressing and study skills. All the while my holistic health training in all its variables was maintained and updated. In 2019 my mother’s Dementia prompted a return to the UK, and much new learning. I feel truly blessed to have established a rapidly growing practice here, in Cornwall, since the move.


My Approach

My holistic approach to your healing journey, draws from a wide variety of modalities, and over 25 years' experience. Each session is a snapshot, a moment in time, leading to improved health and wellbeing.

I love to facilitate gentle transformation, and always share movements and tips to support you, for use at home. This is a work of passion for me and I’m following in the huge footsteps of natural health and wellbeing pioneers. Like them, my intention is to empower and support you to manage your own health, mind, body and soul.

Modalities may include:

  • Touch For Health

  • Ancestral Healing

  • Educational Kinesiology

  • Pranic Healing

  • Metamorphosis

  • Rhythmic Movement Therapy (Student)

  • Reiki

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