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A Kinesiologist Explains: What is a 'Balance'?

Personal transformation at a cellular level.

I'm often asked what to expect in a Balance (Kinesiology's name for personal session). The simplest explanation is a 'feel good factor'. The aim is, literally, and metaphorically, to achieve balance. Of course, like most things, it's more complicated than that, but that's a pretty good baseline.

Once you've experienced your first balance, the format is reassuringly familiar, regardless of the depth of personal development, or the issue you're wanting to explore.

Step 1 - Recognising there is something you want to work on.

Maybe you've been really stressed lately, or you have a big presentation coming up at work and you're feeling really anxious about it. It could be as simple as making some time for yourself when you've been feeling stretched.

Step 2 - Booking a session.

Turning up for yourself - sometimes half the work's done just by doing that.

Step 3 - Exploring the goal.

Beginning the holistic process, we'll chat about what you'd like to work on, set a goal and muscle test that it is in your highest interest to balance for that at this moment. Through muscle testing we're checking in with your body and system; sometimes our conscious mind needs a little realigning with the rest of our body.

Step 4 - Finding the right modality for you at this time.

Moving gently into the process, guided by muscle testing and your system's needs to achieve the goal, we will find the right modality or modalities to use in this balance. Trained in several modalities I have a diverse toolkit at my disposal and any one of the modalities can come up as the best for this goal, for this Balance. Every session can be a little different depending on your needs!

Step 5 - Reflection.

At the end of the balance process, there's time to reflect on new learning, the journey you've taken.

The format is simple and the aim is to have you feeling closer to your goal. You'll come away with tools and techniques to help re-balance yourself as needed. The depth of the process and how ready you are to truly 'go there', is guided and determined by muscle-testing. This helps to eliminate the ego and persistent 'should' factor (those pesky things we feel we 'should' be doing). This is one of the things I love most about this work.

As a facilitator, one of the coolest common denominators is the childlike curiosity and peaceful smile on the faces of post-balancees, as they leave. It is such a privilege to be a part of someone's transformative experience.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. Do get in touch for more information, or a chat, I'd love to hear from you.


Sally x

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